Monday, August 24, 2015

GoFUNDMe Pro Cyclocross Pursuit 2015-16

The 2015-16 CX Season is almost underway! First race this weekend. Braaaaaap brrrrRRRAAAAP bRRRRRRINGGGGGGG it on!

Please help me reach the top!

Jena Page Greaser 
USA Cycling #: 0284803 
Date of Birth: 02/28/1986 
Hometown: Barkhamsted, CT Current Residency: Barkhamsted, CT 
Disciplines: Professional Mountain Biking, Elite Category 1 for Cyclocross, Road Biking and Downhill Mounting Biking 

Now is the time to give it my all and compete to the highest that I can in the local, regional, national and international levels of Cyclocross. The biggest barrier to competing at the next level is having the necessary funds to travel and compete in the higher caliber races. Pro-Elite UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale; the world governing body for sports cycling and oversees international competitive cycling events)
races and the National Championships will provide me with the ability to earn points and recognition necessary for further sponsorship and ultimately the chance of becoming a paid professional athlete. 

Now more than ever, I have a gut feeling that the next several years could be proving of my ability to be one of the best female athletes in the world. The people who know me are very aware that when I commit to a goal, my ability to rise to the top is unstoppable. 

I intend to use the funds raised through GoFundMe for pursuing my goal of a professional cycling career. The funds would be used for travel expenses, race entry fees and equipment needs. This fund will allow me to compete in higher caliber cyclocross races around the country. Obtaining financial support for training and travel will help me pursue and secure my dream of becoming a top 100 internationally ranked professional cyclocross athlete. If I accomplish my goals of racing my best and having fun, while standing on the podium in every local race, finishing top 10 at every UCI event and finishing top 10 at Nationals this season I will certainly have the ability to continue on with the momentum for reaching even larger achievements in 2016.

My strengths are that I never give up, I have the drive to succeed and I always keep a positive attitude. If I am riding a bicycle, I am always smiling, no matter what hardships may come my way. I possess excellent interview and people skills, maintain a professional and consistent social media presence and I am highly appreciative and dedicated to any sponsorship and support. 

I am very passionate about everything associated with cycling. It's about more than just bike racing to me! The bike is used for sport, but more importantly, TRANSport! The bicycle is a vehicle for a healthier planet. It is a work of art. When I am on my bike, I am at peace. There is a sense of freedom on the bicycle. This way of life on the bike allows for engaging with the world; it is a valuable way to connect with people in the community and natural surroundings on a daily basis. Alternative energy and transportation is a major component to protecting the planet and having beautiful spaces to ride our bikes for years to come. With cyclists present, the world is a happy, beautiful, and resilient place. 

Cycling is a lifestyle---and through the activity of riding and the community created within cycling, I have really come to find myself. I have learned about acceptance, courage, and perseverance. I believe that if I continue to work hard and diligently in my pursuit of cycling excellence, anything is possible. I possess the courage to persevere onward in a bike race and in life.  

I have been a supporter of People for Bikes and World Bicycle Relief for many years. When I lived in Newton Massachusetts, I was an active member of the Bike Newton Steering Committee and the Coordinator for the Kid's Pan Mass Challenge. Through Bike Newton, I helped to design the Newton Bike Map and be an advocate for more cycling lanes in and around the city. I also was the founder and captain of NorEast Cycling's Elite Women's team and received "Rider of the Year Award" along with the "Energizer Bunny Award" for my endless commitment to the sport and multitude of competitions throughout the year. In 2013, while living in Sun Valley ID, I coached an all girls mountain bike camp with "The Queen of Pain," Rebecca Rusch. I was also a mountain bike coach at the Ketchum Parks and Recreation all summer and lead the Community School's Middle School Mountain Bike Enrichment program. I was a member and volunteer for the Wood River Bike Coalition. In addition, I have volunteered for CCAP (CT Cycling Advancement Program). For the organization, I have marketed and brought about strong media/social media presence to their youth cycling programs all over the state of CT, helped them to find race venues, potential organizations to partner with to launch youth cycling programs, find reliable coaches and participate in and support fundraising events. 

I have a lot to offer for the future of this sport. As an ambassador in helping new riders and those with less experience, I am a leader. I participate in and helped lead events and rides with local cycling groups (various NEMBA groups and other). Often, I have taken female friends and youth out riding, who may have questions about proper riding technique, gear, etc., and want to perfect their skills. As what riding a bicycle did to change my life for the better, I simply enjoy helping others realize the amazing power and potential that can be found within while pedaling a bike. 

Please take a few minutes to explore my professional athlete page through "Play Hard Give Back" Here you can learn more about my cycling endeavors, view my media presence, follow me on current social media (Facebook, Instagram, my blog, etc.), buy some ridiculously delicious, wholesome, nutritious and all around AWESOME trail mix and BGood Bars to show support to the PHGB organization, my social cause “People for Bikes,” as well as to other athletes and their social causes. 

Pedal on!


Friday, December 19, 2014

Moving forward from injury

Regardless, if you are an "athlete" or not, please take the time to read!

Injured??? Not injured???

Doesn't really matter because most people have been, are presently, or will be in the future and could benefit from the advice given in the 3 part series below form NAA (Network Advancing Athletes)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Defeat is not a word in my vocabulary!

It Happens!

Defeat is not a word in my vocabulary...

This post has taken me some time to write, due to the fact of getting over 3 DNF's in a row. I flew out to Colorado at the end of June to participate in my first Pro XCT races. I had put all of my money, time and energy into this event in order to gain UCI points for National's call ups and more importantly to experience more high caliber racing like that of "Sea Otter Classic." I was totally fired up and felt very prepared for what lay ahead of me. Getting 2nd to last row call up in the XC, I knew the start of the race was going to be a challenge as within 1/4 of a mile the course the trail funneled into a very steep, sandy climb. 

I had tactically and aggressively moved my way up one by one, getting into the top 20 on the 3rd lap of the 6 lap race. I was feeling strong, intense, and proud of myself for maintaining composure during the chaotic first two laps. However, my good feeling soon vanished as on the descent of the 3rd lap, I hit a rock and instantly my tire went flat. Luckily, I didn't crash and no one was right behind me to get hurt. I pulled off to the side and did a quick inspection of the tire. I noticed Stan's coming out of the tread in the center of my tire and knew that my CO2 was not going to do me any good. The pit was relatively close by, so instead of giving up, I started to run my bike to it as riders passed by. When I got to the pit, no one was able to give me a wheel. I was devastated. My heart sunk, as I realized my race was over. The women who said, "Oh no! What happened? I was rooting for you! You were doing so well out there, looking strong!" I am not even sure if I was able to be present and acknowledge her kind words in the moment, as my mind was elsewhere, but they have stuck with me! It sure was a drag to not have team or neutral mechanic support at an important event. 

After figuring out that my tire was also torn at the bead where it seals to the rim, I realized I needed a new tire in order to participate in the STXC event the next day. Kenda Tire was there and did not have ideal light weight, low profile treaded race tires for the course, but I bought two Slant SIXs in order to get back in the game. 

My legs felt good to go Sunday morning before the STXC. However, I was called up last row again due to not having any UCI points so far. On the first lap, I moved up really fast, despite the chaos! I was holding my own when it was only on the 3rd lap of the 1 mile loop that I went to down shift around the corner before climbing and my chain jammed up on me! It is practically impossible to be patient in a STXC event, so I did my best to try and shift again, but was un-successful. Since I was going up hill, I had no choice but to get off and pull to the side. It wasn't too much longer after I had flipped my bike upside down to inspect the issue that the leaders were going through the start/finish line. I knew that I was going to be lapped so I pulled myself from the race. I couldn't help but feel completely down and out. Negativity surged through my veins the rest of that evening until I could go take a walk and sit down in the grass at a park to clear my head and reflect on all that had occurred. 

I re-focused my thoughts to positive ones, thinking about why I ride and race my bike and what truly makes me happy. In every sport, set-backs within and out of your control are inevitable. For some reason, I believe that it is as much the unfortunate circumstances as the fortunate ones that keep us athletes coming back for more! So, that I did. I got settled back at home and decided to participate in another local Root 66 race in Keene, NH. I was excited to get in some good technical riding and have a fun time. My mind and body were both in the right place. 

First lap, I got the hole shot of 9 riders. 4 of us stayed on each other's wheels for the first lap. Starting the 2nd lap, myself and another rider pulled off the front and stayed close together. We went into the 3rd lap and she started to pull away. I went into "panic mode" and started feeling out of control on my bike. For some reason, I just could not focus on the trail, as I had been able to on the first two laps. As we were on a descent about half way through the loop, I took a nasty digger! Instant pain on my right knee and left thigh. I had slammed down hard, but shook it off and got back on the bike. Despite the twisty trail, I could still see first place not too far ahead and knew I could kick it into my red line zone to get back up there. However, I went to shift and another chain jam! I got off and 3rd place passed me. I noticed my rear derailleure was bent. I tried to re-align it, but I had no luck. 4th and 5th place had passed me and I felt that is was best to save myself the further frustration of trying to complete another lap with my mechanical so I pulled out. 

I was grateful to have had the support of my mother at the race and be my chauffeur. I made sure not reminisce too much about the negative and to be happy that I even had the opportunity to get out and pedal by bike. It is easy to get so caught up in the game and loose sight of what really matters...inside and outside of athletic competitions. Through the experiences these past few weeks within my athletic and personal life, I have remembered that being present, meaning not to dwelling too much on the past with the "woulda, shoulda, couldas", and to not getting too side-tracked with thoughts of what will the future hold, allows me to be all that I really am, to my fullest potential, in the here and now! Awareness is the first step to success :)

"The purpose of pain and struggle in life is to regain the inner power of the mind and the innate courage of the heart!"

The spiffy, brand new, 2014 Ford Focus I got to drive around. Not as fast as a Mustang, but close enough! What a smooth ride!

 I was very grateful to have the hospitality of my friend Ky Hunter in Denver. We spent time with her dog, Agnus on a beautiful hike outside of Denver.

 Snazzy knew Scott kit! Felt "so pro" pre-riding the course

 Terrain of the course; sandy, loose, and washed out! Despite the beautiful view of Pulpit Rock, this was honestly the worst course I have ever ridden...and no, I am not just saying that because I had bad luck. I seriously was not impressed at all after pre-riding; boring. Sorry Pulpit Rock, I am sure you have a lot more fun riding to offer and I hope to visit again someday to enjoy! 

 The USA Cycling Headquarters where the pro pre-rider meeting was held. Now THAT's what I call a wheel, and check out those "arro-bars" on that TT bike! Classic.

This nail head of a puncture that ruined my XC race! There also ended up being a tear on the bead where the tire seals with the rim...if only I had support in the pit I would have been able to keep kicking butt and have a solid finish...

At least I got my watch tan going for me! Thanks for the rays CO...I have been missing them riding in the deep, dark forests of New England, haha! 

(a few more pictures coming!)

To the Peak at Pat's Peak XC Race 6/15/14

"Mud freckles" are so in!

I figured it would be a good idea to get some more racing in on technical terrain as soon as possible after competing in Macungie, PA, so I participated in the Root 66 Pat's Peak XC race on June, 15th. It had rained hard for several days leading up to the race. There was still plenty of mud tucked in the woods and in large sections of grass across the ski runs. Taking the hole shot, I never looked back. Early on in the race I made a few technical errors, but I was able to keep pushing forward and open up the gap. Once I found myself in a comfortable position, I settled into a tempo. We did a total of 4 laps, and each time I gained confidence on the sections I didn't have confidence on the lap before. By the end, my arms had felt more of a work out than my legs! I had forgotten how technical riding requires a lot of upper body strength and efficiency. 

Prize swag

Biking in the Barkhamsted, CT 4th of July Parade!

Riding my mountain bike in the annual Barkhamsted town 4th of July parade, wearing my 2013 Marathon Mtn Bike National Champion jersey and showing my pride and support for America, my hometown community, bicycle racing, "Play Hard Give Back" and "People For Bikes." I first participated in this parade at the age of 4 on my decorated bike! How cool to be doing so again 24 years later :)

Sporting my American and PHGB pride in the Barkhamsted, CT 4th of July Parade! Photo in the paper:

I played my alto-saxophone in the "All Star Band" during high school. Next time, I should play my alto-saxophone in the band, while riding my mountain bike!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rocks? Oh yeah, Bear Creek Mountain Resort has got them! 5/31-6/1

Well, it sure has been a slow start the the racing season with our 3,000 mile move back to the east coast. However, I wasted no time in getting right back into the most technical terrain around at Bear Creek Mountain Resort.

I participated in the Pro category for all three events, STXC, XC, and SD. There were maybe 5 individuals total whom participate in all 3 events, myself being the only female. I was a bit hesitant it may be a bit too much after sitting in a UHaul for 8 days and not riding a mountain bike for 12 days, but my legs and lungs most certainly did not fail me!

If you are thinking about XC MTB Nationals, but haven't decided yet...this video will make that decision an ultimate YES! Thanks for the awesome video, Tom Burrows with Bear Creek Mountain Resort :) I show up at (minutes in) 1:00, 2:45, 5:43, 7:50, 8:00, 11:00, and 11:30

Short Track: Good thing these geese got out of the way for the race! 

Super D: These rocks became a lot easier to handle with my bike in "couch mode"; seat post and bottom bracket dropped! I was not going to sign up for Super D at Nationals, but now I sure am! What a fun course :)


Cross Country: Took off from the start, and never looked back! Opened up a gap right away...


Cha-ching! Way to go ladies, in the $$$$$

Thursday, June 5, 2014

CCAP (CT Cycling Advancement Program) is making it happen! 6/3/14

Tuesday night, June 3rd, was very successful for the Criterium at Rentschler Field. How cool it was for many to see this event come back to life! This was the first of the many to be held as part of an ongoing series throughout the summer. Thanks to David Hoyle and Karen Franzen, as well as many others that I am sure I do not know about, yet, for putting this together!

The turn-out for all three fields was high and the junior contingent was alive, with the inclusion of the Root66 Mountain Bike High School Series awards presentation.

It was an honor for me to be able to present the MTB H.S. awards!

Playing some "Mountain Bike Polo"...Yes, it was as hard as it looks!!!
I was lucky enough to ride around and have fun with the Tindal kids!

CCAP (CT Cycling Advancement Program) holds a Monday night member ride from from the parking lot at 20 Maple St., Chester. These fun, social rides have been a real hit. All are invited and encouraged to join. 

To find out more information on the program and racing, please go to:

Also, "Like" CCAP on Facebook